The start of something new in Kinder Tungurahua!

Today at school I introduced to my teacher this clip chart. I decided to make this chart because the behavior in the room is an issue. It’s not terrible, but the students seem to have no boundaries and they are not respectful of the teacher at times. They will call out while the teacher is talking or myself, and they are not able to keep their hands to theirselves. I thought the clip chart policy would be familiar to the teacher but the kindergarten classes do not have a set discipline policy in place apparently. This was a surprise to me and is what drove me to create the clip chart.
We were only able to use it for half a day today and I did notice positive effects of it and the parents that came in at the end of the day had many questions and loved the idea of the students having a visual representation of how they were doing that day. Hopefully the students will be able to catch on to the concepts quickly so that the chart is more effective for them.

Wish me luck! 🙂


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