Mitad del Mundo weekend adventure

For once I was literally the center of the world! This weekend we made the extremely long but worth it trip to Mitad del Mundo which is the spot of the equator where the markings are 0,0,0. It was so much fun. I had the opportunity to stand on two hemispheres and balance and egg on the head of a nail. It was insane! Because of the gravitational pull it was possible and you could actually fell the yolk moving into balance. So much fun!




We were also able to go to the zoo! It was crazy the different kinds of animals they have there. Especially the section of white tail deer?!? Like what!!? Deer! We were amazed that they had them at the zoo but then again, there is not any here so I guess it is an animal they need there. My favorite was the jaguar! Yes I said jaguar! It was so cool to see one no was amazed. It was a very nice zoo in the middle of no where i might add… It was a great experience. Even if there were spitting alpacas. 😂.




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